DeeDee Shogren LeMier ’06

DeeDee Shogren LeMier ’06 is applying what she learned through her Hamline degree directly to her alma mater.

Several experiences highlighted where DeeDee wanted to focus her career---people moving from one stage of life to another. While an undergraduate she worked with incoming students as an SOS Leader and graduating students as a Student Alumni Board member. After graduation DeeDee was involved with young professionals in the Duluth area. A position as an admission counselor brought DeeDee back to Hamline where she was able to work with prospective students throughout Minnesota and in western states. Now in a new position at Hamline as Employer Relations Specialist for the Career Development Center, DeeDee sees the common thread of her career as working with people in transition.

DeeDee’s undergraduate days still inform her work today. The first was being encouraged by Jordan Woods-Wahl ’05 to become a SOS Leader as a First Year. She continued on for the next two years and then was hired as a Team Lead her senior year. DeeDee surprised herself by applying and being accepted onto the Executive Committee of HUSC as the Student Org Committee Chair. This experience gave her a broad array of connections to students involved with nearly all the student organizations on campus. Finally, the most meaningful experience was attending HUCORE (Hamline University Conference on Race and Ethnicity) her senior year.

Transitioning her focus at Hamline to Career Services as reinforced how vital one’s personal network is to success. This is true for mentor relationships, volunteering, job searches, and other career shifts. DeeDee regularly talks with students and employers about how our alumni need to be in the “driver’s seat” of their careers. In other words, to own the process of moving from one job or role to another. A Hamline education gives alumni the tools to do that and the networks you posses help to understand the strengths you bring to the workplace.

If alumni are interested in connecting with students, advertising job or internship opportunities, or volunteering with Career Development Center programming they are welcome to contact DeeDee directly at 651-523-2654 or

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