Desta Collier Klein ’99

Although alumnus Joe Sathe ’13 only left Hamline seven short months ago, he has accomplished much since graduation. 

During Joe’s senior year, he began an internship in Governor Dayton’s office. Although he completed this internship in August of 2013, he was offered a full-time position the following month as an executive assistant and policy aid to the governor’s general counsel. 

Support for the general counsel is the main focus of his work in the governor’s office. He is also involved in community outreach – regarding a variety of topics, including jobs and education – and serves as the main point person for extraditions.

When reflecting on his Hamline experience, Joe attributes three core skills to his education that he uses daily: critical thinking, the ability to be analytical, and a broad liberal arts knowledge base. These skills enable him to interact effectively with passionate people of diverse viewpoints—an important skill when working at the state capital. 

Joe is also grateful for his experience completing departmental honors at Hamline, which gave him a preview of rigorous and intense research that will be required in graduate-level academic work – not to mention the practical experience of presenting massive amounts of information in narrative form. 

In addition to what he learned in his coursework, Joe also credits his time spent as a part of Hamline’s United Nations team with giving him diversity experience that he uses regularly in his new job.

Joe is still very involved with Hamline, and gives back through volunteering his time as well as through annual gifts because he believes strongly in the impact alumni have on the student experience. He believes that Hamline played a large role in helping him acquire his job, as Hamline has a strong reputation for producing good public servants who have a realistic and productive approach to service. 

Joe is on the GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Advisory Board, serves as a Class Agent for the Class of 2013, and was recently invited to join the Alumni Annual Fund Board of Directors. He enjoys coming back to campus to support alumni and student programming. 

Joe’s plan for the future is to attend law school after gaining experience in his current position. 

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