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Hall of Fame Overview

The purpose of the Hamline University Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor persons or teams who have made outstanding contributions within the Hamline University intercollegiate athletic program as athletes, coaches or athletic directors; who have in their post-Hamline years contributed to their communities; and who have exemplified the finest ideals of Hamline University student athletes.


Nominees must meet the following criteria:
  • An athlete must have completed a minimum of two years of study at Hamline University and/or receive an undergraduate degree from Hamline University.
  • Ten years must have elapsed since a nominee last participated as an athlete at Hamline University.
A coach or athletic director must have served at Hamline a minimum of five years.
  • Five years must have elapsed since a nominee last served Hamline University in that capacity.
  • If currently serving Hamline at the time of nomination, the nominee must have 20 years of continuous service.
A team must:
  • Exhibit those characteristics listed in paragraph D below, and
  • Ten years must have elapsed since that team competed at Hamline University.
A Hall of Fame nominee will have shown skills, teamwork, leadership, character and/or other attributes of an ideal Hamline University student athlete.
Posthumous nominations may be considered for induction.


The Selection Committee shall recommend between zero and four (0-4) nominees each year to the Piper Athletic Association Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall approve by majority of those present and voting those nominees to be inducted into the Hamline University Athletic Hall of Fame.

Honorary Hall of Fame Members: The Hall of Fame Selection Committee and/or the Piper Athletic Association may, from time to time, vote to induct an individual into the Athletic Hall of Fame who was not an athlete, coach, or athletic director. Such person shall be designated an Honorary Member of the Hall of Fame. Honorary Members shall exhibit the same characteristics as Hamline University student athletes, except for participating in Hamline University athletics.

Nomination Form

Nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame are due on March 15 of each year.

Complete List of Members

View the complete list of Athletic Hall of Fame members.