Hamline Trivia

The first graduates of Hamline University were Elizabeth and Emily Sorin. The sisters graduated in 1859 and Sorin Residence Hall is named after them.

Hamline University has over 140 alumni who are current members of the faculty and staff.

The Bush Center (formerly the Bush Student Center) and the library are both named after A.G. Bush, a generous donor to the University who was also the founder of 3M.

The area in front of the Klas Center is named Osnes Plaza, in honor of former president Larry Osnes.

Alumni terminology:
Alumna - female singular
Alumnae - female plural
Alumnus - male singular
Alumni - male plural (but commonly used today to mean male and female alumni)

Although Hamline University is now located in the Midway area of Saint Paul, it was originally established in Red Wing, Minnesota, in 1854.

The first intercollegiate basketball game was played between Hamline and the Minnesota State School of Agriculture in 1895.  Hamline lost 9-3.  

The first University Hall burned down in 1883, and the present University Hall (Old Main) was dedicated one year later, in 1884.

University Avenue connects Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and was named after Hamline University, not the University of Minnesota, as is often believed.

Charles Drew was a generous donor to the University and many buildings are named after him, even though he was not an alumnus.

The Carol Young Anderson and Dennis L. Anderson Center was dedicated in 2012. The lead gift for this building was given by Carol Young Anderson ’46 and her husband Dennis.