What is the Student Alumni Board?

The Student Alumni Board (SAB) was created in 2001 to connect current and former undergraduate students of Hamline University. The purpose of the Student Alumni Board is to connect Pipers past, present, and future. Today, the organizational structure of the Student Alumni Board consists of three teams - Outreach, Events, and Membership - and an Executive Board. 


A few of the SAB members and SAB alumni who helped
welcome new students at
 Piper Passages, September 2016

   Student Alumni Board Goals:

  • To serve as representatives of the student body by promoting the values and traditions of Hamline University to a variety of internal and external audiences.
  • To provide programs and services that benefit students and involve alumni.
  • To serve as a liaison between current and former undergraduate students of Hamline University.
  • To familiarize students and recent alumni with traditions, alumni programs, and the benefits and responsibilities of being a Hamline alumna/us.
  • To recognize and promote current student accomplishments to alumni.
  • To promote alumni as a resource to current students. 

Interested in joining the SAB? The SAB looks for new members in the spring. 

The SAB needs Hamline undergraduate students to help fulfill its mission of connecting Pipers past, present and future. The annual membership campaign begins during #foreverapiper week in the spring semester. Selected candidates will be interviewed by members of the SAB and alumni relations staff.
Ideal candidates will have:
  • an enthusiasm for Hamline
  • an interest in learning what it means to be a Hamline alumna/us, and
  • a willingness to develop their leadership, networking, and organizational skills.
SAB members meet once per week on Tuesdays at noon, host alumni events, plan events and programs that connect Hamline alumni and students, and represent the current student body to the alumni community.

Questions? Contact the Student Alumni Board or advisor, Molly Glewwe.


Alumni Relations
Molly Glewwe MFA '09
Alumni Relations Director

Etiquette Dinner

The 2017 Etiquette Dinner is March 9, 2017. Students and alumni can get more details and register here