Accounting Staff: Angie Dowdle, Jeanne Brino, Holly Gravelle, and Jackie Jones

Recognized by: Lori A. Standafer

"Thank you to the wonderful accounting staff who do tremendous work every day!" — Lori A. Standafer


Norman Albrecht '43

Recognized by: Arlene Holmberg Pontinen '56

 "The two professors who made the most difference  in my life were physics professor Kent Bracewell and math professor Norman Albrecht. Kent was my advisor, Norm a great teacher. Norm left Hamline for industry as I started my senior year. He became a mathematician at Remington Rand Univac and was instrumental in my choice to apply for a similar position rather than go into high school teaching. It was the best decision I ever made in life as I found the work that fit into my abilities and disposition. I recently thanked him again as he celebrated his 95th birthday in California. Professors can make a difference!!"  Arlene Holmberg Pontinen '56

Lawrence J. Anderson

Recognized by: Nancy J. Rice ’69

"As an English/Education major in the late 1960s, I took two journalism courses by Larry Anderson, News and Publication Director at Hamline. He was instrumental in encouraging me to join the Oracle staff and notified me when he heard of an opening for a reporter’s job the next summer. I spent the summer of 1968 writing news for The Twin City Observer, a black weekly newspaper in Minneapolis. This opened my eyes to the need for an objective and fair press and an appreciation of cultural diversity, lessons I carry with me even more today, thanks to Mr. Anderson." — Nancy J. Rice ’69

Walter W. Benjamin ’50

Recognized by: Edward Brekke '73

"Dr. Walter Benjamin: honest, open minded, and a member of the greatest generation! Great teacher and advisor." — Edward Brekke '73


Jaimie P. Bennett

Recognized by: Nancy M. Victorin-Vangerud

"Jaimie is one of the most compassionate colleagues on campus who continues to be such a caring and knowledgeable support to students and their wellbeing. She always has a smile and something thoughtful to say that makes one feel appreciated. She has co-led the Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force with her passionate commitment to social justice, helping Hamline take the vital steps of prevention, education and accountability. She also has a wild sense of humor!" — Nancy M. Victorin-Vangerud

Kent Bracewell

Recognized by: Arlene Holmberg Pontinen '56

 "The two professors who made the most difference  in my life were physics professor Kent Bracewell and math professor Norman Albrecht. Kent was my advisor, Norm a great teacher. Norm left Hamline for industry as I started my senior year. He became a mathematician at Remington Rand Univac and was instrumental in my choice to apply for a similar position rather than go into high school teaching. It was the best decision I ever made in life as I found the work that fit into my abilities and disposition. I recently thanked him again as he celebrated his 95th birthday in California. Professors can make a difference!!"  Arlene Holmberg Pontinen '56

Gretchen K. Breske '60

Recognized by: Beverly M. Heinrich '60

In 1960, Gretchen earned a nursing degree from Hamline University.

Stacie Bosley

Recognized by: Rich Wien '68 and Gisell Wien

"Stacie Bosley inspires and challenges her students to a higher level. I have sat in on her classes and witnessed her good work." — Rich Wien '68 and Gisell Wien

R. G. Buehler

Recognized by: Don G. Buehler ’53 and Marilyn Thorson Konkler ’59

"A gift in memory of my father, R. G. Buehler, Professor of English." — Don G. Buehler ’53

"Dr. Buehler—wearing his green poolroom visor, inspired me in all his English Lit classes." — Marilyn Thorson Konkler ’59

James R. Carlson '40

Recognized by: Mary Coleman Nee ’50, Walter W. Enloe

"Jim allowed his students the opportunity to experience all aspects of theater and the freedom to try anything." — Mary Coleman Nee ’50

"My favorite professor at Eckerd College, 1967-1971." — Walter W. Enloe

Class of 2001
Recognized by: Brent V. Hanson ’01
Leland Cooper

Recognized by: Bruce E. Konkler ’59

"Leland Cooper was the best college professor. We had a special relationship." — Bruce E. Konkler ’59


Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Faculty

Recognized by: Shelly S. Schaefer

"Thank you to Gina Erickson, Sarah Greenman, Jillian Peterson, and Glenn Hardin for their dedication to students, the department, and the university." — Shelly S. Schaefer

Walter W. Enloe

Recognized by: Amy L. Watters EDD '15 

"I am eternally grateful for Walter's guidance, support, and encouragement through my time in the EdD program. He taught me to think differently, and through his actions, demonstrated what it looks like to honor and value all people and all experiences" — Amy L. Watters EDD '15 

Finance Office: Michelle Hegarty and Margaret Tungseth

Recognized by: Lori  A. Standafer

"Thank you to these wonderful leaders in the Finance office who serve as mentors to me." — Lori  A. Standafer


Barbara Finkel Drealan ’65

Recognized by: Sally Hillengass Olson ’65

Walter Fleming

Recognized by: Marsha Shaw Hill ’71 

"Professor Fleming was one of my favorites because of his great enthusiasm for teaching and for his students." — Marsha Shaw Hill ’71



Marina Gorina

Recognized by: Lara Kiyomi Kjeldsen ’99

"Marina Gorina was one of the first women I looked up to in science and remains a personal role model nearly 20 years later. Her smile pops up in my mind every so often and I find myself instantly comforted and strengthened. Her passion for teaching and sharing the fun of chem lab, especially to non-science majors, was contagious and inspiring. I still try to emulate her spirit and strength, and her influence has made me a stronger, more generous and happier person." — Lara Kiyomi Kjeldsen ’99

Betty R. Green

Recognized by: Elisabeth Patton Wierum ’74 and Steven S. Gerde ’73

"Betty was an inspirational professor, she encouraged me and all her students to pursue our passion to make the world a better place. I have special memories of J Term in London." — Elisabeth Patton Wierum ’74 and Steven S. Gerde ’73

Professor Beth Gunderson

Recognized by: Michael J. McCue

"Wicked smart, dedicated, and direct. Generous with time. Supportive of students and colleagues. One of my favorite people in the world." — Michael J. McCue


Dr. Ken Haas

Recognized by: Debra A. Holmgren ’73

Dr. Ken Haas was a Professor of Philosophy.


Hamline University Catering Staff

Recognized by: Katy McFall

"Pam, Derrell, and the staff at Hamline University Catering always do such a nice job, but when I attend a meeting on campus where a meal is involved, they have an extra challenge dealing with my food allergies. They take such care to make sure I eat safely, and it's not always easy. What's more: they ease the considerable anxiety I typically have when eating away from home. I am so grateful to them for their attention and dedication." — Katy McFall

Russell G. Harris

Recognized by: Stanley R. Kelley ’77 and Janet Kelley

"Professor Harris had a considerable understanding of the subject matter of whatever class he taught and he expected the best from his students." — Stanley R. Kelley ’77 and Janet Kelley

Michelle Hegarty

Recognized by: Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan

"Michelle is arguably the hardest working person at Hamline. She is smart, kind, and generous with her tremendous knowledge. I can't thank her enough for the education she's given me as a colleague and for her friendship. Hamline is better off for having Michelle as part of the team!" — Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan

Caroline L. Hilk

Recognized by: Letitia E. Basford

"I am so grateful to Caroline for her incredible commitment to supporting faculty and staff at Hamline. She is invaluable to our campus." — Letitia E. Basford

Robert Holliday '30

 Recognized by: John Alwin '50

"I spent twelve years in public school, four years at Hamline, countless years in grad school and of these years in school, my greatest educational experience was in Hamline’s A Cappella Choir under Robert Holliday. He was my idol. My richest years were following his direction in creating great music." — John Alwin '50

Coach Joe Hutton

Recognized by: Fred H.W. Schmiesing ’64, Kerwin P. Engelhart ’51 and Doris Fehr Engelhart ’52

"Great memories of sitting in Joe's office, learning his philosophy and style of play. Tiny Hamline played Texas Tech, New Mexico State, and the University of South Carolina. WOW!" — Fred H.W. Schmiesing ’64

"In memory of Coach Joe Hutton, Sr. whose teaching and friendship influenced our entire lives." — Kerwin P. Engelhart ’51 and Doris Fehr Engelhart ’52
Dr. Samuel Imbo

Recognized by: Beth A. Flaherty ’99

"I took my first philosophy course my senior year at Hamline with Dr. Imbo and I was instantly disappointed that I wouldn't be able to take more classes from him. His class opened my mind and made me think in a way I had never experienced. I was always excited for class, curious about what we would learn next. He constantly challenged us to make connections to our learning in other classes. I still remember my excitement when I was able to apply one of the theories we learned in philosophy to a concept I was studying in psych. Professor Imbo, was always there to challenge my thinking AND offer support when I was lost and confused. He is a total GIFT to the Hamline community and our global community as well." — Beth A. Flaherty ’99

Institutional Advancement Staff

Recognized by: Betsy Brenden Radtke ’89

"In honor of the tremendous Institutional Advancement staff members with whom I work every day."  Betsy Brenden Radtke ’89

Dr. James Sherman King

Recognized by: Marjorie C. Olsen ’48

"To a wonderful Dr. King. Teacher and person — he always went the extra mile for us." — Marjorie C. Olsen ’48

Marcela Kostihova

Recognized by: Deanna A. Thompson

"Interim Dean Kostihova works tirelessly on behalf of the CLA to help us think in new ways about what it means to be a liberal arts institution in the 21st century. I'm grateful for her vision and commitment to Hamline and our future." — Deanna A. Thompson


Frederick D. Leach

Recognized by: Steven R. Cotherman ’73

"Fred Leach was my mentor, pure and simple. He inspired me to pursue a life of inquiry, and I attribute most of my success in my profession as a museum curator to Fred's encouragement and wise words. In our art history classes at Hamline he imparted many unforgettable lessons, but one that stands out is when he let us impressionable Pipers know, in no uncertain terms, that any art historian worth his salt had to know what it was like to get his hands dirty, to make art. And all artists needed to know where they came from, to understand that art is not made in a vacuum and that their work depends upon the foundation created by all those who came before. This work ethic has informed both my personal and professional life for more than 40 years now. I give thanks to Fred Leach nearly every day and am honored to have been his student." — Steven R. Cotherman ’73

Jim Lynskey

Recognized by: Kristen A. Norman-Major ’87

"Jim helped me identify my passion for public service. He was a friend and mentor, and the kind of professor I strive to be." — Kristen A. Norman-Major ’87

Rita S. Majerle

Recognized by: Nathaniel F. Henning '16 and Mariya Khan

"The organic chemistry class that Rita taught was certainly one of the hardest classes I have ever taken. However, it was also the class where I learned the most about science and also being a scientist (also how to study). Rita provided me with invaluable mentorship and guidance during my time at Hamline, whether it was about pursuing a career in science, graduate school—or just life in general during the many occasions I'd stop by her office." — Nathaniel F. Henning '16 and Mariya Khan

Dr. Martin Markowitz

Recognized by: Lora G. Herring ’79

"Always brought a smart, uniquely interesting perspective to the subject matter. An inspiring teacher and a friend."  — Lora G. Herring ’79

Dr. Richard Marsh

Recognized by: Bruce McKinnon '64

"I told Dr. Marsh when I handed him my History 101 Blue Book/test, that I flat aced it. To our surprise, I did. Then I told him I was adopting him, and he would be my advisor (not department head, yet he took me anyway). Ah, but on one condition — I had to do exactly as he said. There were many disagreements in the following years, but he always won. Upon graduation, he said “you graduated in spite of yourself.” He was right! Thank God he adopted me." — Bruce McKinnon '64

Erin McCoy

Recognized by: Beth Gunderson

"Erin McCoy works so hard for our graduate students. When asked about a policy or procedure, she views it from the students' perspective and how it benefits or hurts our students. She is a joy to work with and has the best giggle ever!!" — Beth Gunderson

Professor Aaron McKain

Recognized by: Madison M. Stieg '16 and Brian Douglas Partch ’15 

"During my time at Hamline, I never found my ambitions more motivated, my beliefs more challenged, and my passions more inspired than I did when I shared a classroom with Aaron McKain. No matter the subject material, Professor McKain knew how to truly “share” a classroom with his students, offering us opportunities to speak as often as we listened and to teach as often as we learned. I spent time with many excellent professors at Hamline, but I consider myself especially lucky to have learned from a man who often cared more about my education than I did, and who never betrayed any doubt that his students were capable of contributing value to the world. Looking back, my classes with Aaron McKain represented everything higher education is supposed to be about. I am entirely confident my classmates would agree that he played a key role in our educational experience and remains an invaluable asset to Hamline University." — Madison M. Stieg '16 and Brian Douglas Partch ’15

Dr. Mervin Meyer

Recognized by: Nancy J. Bennett ’70

"Dr. Meyer encouraged me to study in Vienna for the summer of 1969, which started me off on my career and my marriage! I'll always be thankful for his encouragement while learning the German language."  Nancy J. Bennett ’70

John Neihart, Hockey Coach '54, '55

Recognized by: Marvin R. Ballard '57

"John was an inspirational, hard-working, decent, role model for those of us on the ice hockey teams in the early 1950's." — Marvin R. Ballard '57

Professor Mark Olson

Recognized by: Eva M. Tysdahl '00

"Professor Olson of the English department held fantastic lectures on Mark Twain that I couldn't wait to attend. He changed the way I looked at the world and gave me confidence in the quality of my ideas. Thank you so much!" — Eva M. Tysdahl '00

Mary Jane Olson

Recognized by: Jennifer A. McArthur ’88

"Mary Jane was a huge influence on all of us. She constantly pushed us to do better. She taught us how to persevere—an important skill in gymnastics, but more important in life." — Jennifer A. McArthur ’88

Matthew H. Olson

Recognized by: Carrie M. Carroll ’94 and Peter Carroll

"Matt was very helpful during my first term at Hamline. He helped me feel okay about changing my major and helped me understand my strengths." — Carrie M. Carroll ’94 and Peter Carroll

Pat Paterson '30

Recognized by: Rita Monson Woolson ’52

"Physical Education was my major — she was a great influence." — Rita Monson Woolson ’52


Dr. Joseph Peschek

Recognized by: Randall A. Smith ’92

"Dr. Peschek was my faculty advisor and an exceptional Professor. I still have my class notes and textbooks from his Political Science classes. Thanks, Professor Peschek!" — Randall A. Smith ’92

Betsy Brenden Radtke ’89

Recognized by: Cindi Potaracke Broekemeier ’91 

"Hamline provides leadership opportunities after graduation, too. More than a decade ago, Betsy Brenden Radtke created the Hamline Alumni Annual Fund Board to give strategic direction and support to the Institutional Advancement - Annual Giving Programs Office. I am a founding member of the Board, and I currently serve as Chair. The Board provides alumni leadership opportunities, strong engagement with current and former students, and a unique way to give back to the University. I'm grateful Betsy created the Board, because it provides me a special avenue to connect with alumni, continue developing my leadership skills, and strengthen my Hamline relationship." — Cindi Potaracke Broekemeier ’91

Mike Reynolds
Recognized by: Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan

"Mike is the epitome of the Hamline spirit. He's friendly to all, a critical thinker, and naturally curious. Getting to work with great people like Mike every daysomeone who always gives 100%—is among the many reasons why I love working at Hamline." — Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan
Olaf A. Runquist

Recognized by: Michael Addy ’72 and Nancy Johnson, Philip D. Ericson ’72, Rita S. Majerle

"I have great respect for the chemistry department. Many times in my life, those days and their teaching is remembered. I was a classmate of Bruce Boman and totally agree with him." — Philip D. Ericson ’72

"An inspiration to chemists and embodiment of the liberal arts." — Rita S. Majerle
Elsa G. Scheie

Recognized by: Linda Meinders Webb ’66

"Thank you for coming to advocate for Hamline and listening to alumni." — Linda Meinders Webb ’66

Mark Schmidt '79 and Lincoln Schmidt '15

Recognized by: Luther O. Schmidt ’51

"In honor of my son, Mark '79 and grandson, Lincoln '15." — Luther O. Schmidt ’51
Anne Simley

Recognized by: Edwina Helling '51

"A good 68 years ago and long before Anne Simley had a theater named after her, she was the teacher/director who gave me the opportunity to learn about the workings of the theater and to have the great joy of acting in plays. She was a good friend and mentor and we remained in touch. When Anne retired and moved to Madison, Wisconsin, she needed a Wisconsin driver’s license. I had recently moved to Madison and had just passed the test; so Anne and I practiced the route in her little coupe. We practiced a lot. The theater professor, calm and confident, passed with alacrity. We both knew the value of practice. She had made my years at Hamline pleasant, memorable ones. She helped me and fortunately, I could eventually help her. It’s what friends do. I’m so grateful to have had her in my life."  Edwina Helling '51

Paul Smith

Recognized by: Thomas A. Casmer ’73

Paul Smith was a Professor and Chair of the Hamline Art Department

Dr. Wesley St. John

Recognized by: John G. Sherman ’70 and Phylis C. Sherman ’73, Gretchen Radatz Zell ’67

"He sought me out to participate in the UN Semester at Drew University. In 1965, this opportunity was probably a bigger deal than a semester abroad is now. I gained an understanding of the workings of the UN that would not otherwise have been possible. During the debate regarding the admission of Mainland China rather than Taiwan, there was actually an ad-libbed statement rather than the usual scripted words!" — Gretchen Radatz Zell ’67

David John Stermer

Recognized by: J. Richard Stermer '87 JD '90 

"In memory of David John Stermer: a free spirit, a free thinker, and a gentle soul."  J. Richard Stermer '87 JD '90

Ruth A. Sullivan '29

Recognized by: Robert C. Faine ’57 and Mary Faine

"Ruth Sullivan was an inspiring and dedicated educator. She always cared about her students." — Robert C. Faine '57


Susan Thurston Myster ’84

Recognized by: Bonnie Moore Shoebottom ’92

"I should have taken her suggestion for that minor in anthropology!" — Bonnie Moore Shoebottom ’92

Joe Uemura

Recognized by: Kristen A. Norman-Major ’87

"Joe challenged me to be the best I could be. He was a great friend and mentor, and is with me every time I enter the classroom." — Kristen A. Norman-Major ’87

Dr. Karl Van D'Elden

Recognized by: Kristin Johnson Ireland ’72 

"Dr. Van D'Elden was a beloved mentor & friend. He offered challenge & inspiration. I especially loved his Middle High German courses & informal classes/topics at his gorgeous home. He gave me student work jobs in his office & helped with my tape application for my German grad teaching assistant position at U of Hawaii. He said I sounded like an Austrian after my junior year in Germany, which thrilled me. He & his wife attended my wedding. Long ago while teaching at Albuquerque Academy I learned of his passing. The card I sent to his wife at the address I'd known was returned to me, so I hope this tribute brings fond memories."  Kristin Johnson Ireland ’72

Dr. George Vane

Recognized by: Kristin Johnson Ireland ’72 and Lee M. Johnson ’66

"Dr. Vane was my mentor for my English major. More than a beloved, outstanding professor, he is a Hamline legend. He wholeheartedly supported my German major, summers in Austria, and year at the University of Freiburg. He only smiled at my less than stellar grade (there were reasons!) in a Shakespeare class taken at the Uni. Upon my return to Hamline senior year, he gently chided me that my writings to finish my English major suffered because of verb placement. I hadn't realized I'd used German verb form placement in my essays. His tactful, detailed observations were a true gift. Dr. Vane allowed his students to choose books he no longer wanted. To this day, two books with his signature occupy a treasured spot in my bookcase." — Kristin Johnson Ireland ’72

"George T. Vane chaired Hamline's Department of English during my time there. He was, and is, a consummate gentleman whose teaching and scholarship were exemplary, along with his character and professional bearing. He gave me the model I needed for my own academic career." — Lee M. Johnson ’66

Nancy M. Victorin-Vangerud

Recognized by: Deanna A. Thompson

"Chaplain Nancy plays such an important role on our campus, providing many opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to deepen their understanding of religious and spiritual issues that impact our lives on campus and beyond. The Hamline Community is a better place because of Nancy and her contributions." — Deanna A. Thompson

Lowell A. Weber

Recognized by: Edward J. Holland ’71 and Mary Ann Holland

"As Hamline's former Alumni Director & Tennis Coach, Lowell and his wife, Carol, and their girls were especially supportive after my graduation in '71. Lowell patiently helped me improve my very average tennis skills. I had fun anyway! Most importantly, Lowell and Carol introduced me to Carol's cousin, Mary. We were married about one year later; that was 44 years ago! We will always remember Lowell, Carol and their girls with fond memories and love. I'm grateful that my years at Hamline helped connect me to these wonderful people." — Edward J. Holland ’71 and Mary Ann Holland

Karla B.A. Williams ’80

Recognized by: Lisa Shirk Carriere ’85

"I am so thankful for Karla Williams and the contributions she has made as part of Hamline's development office staff over the past 11 years. She is a great ambassador for Hamline and has inspired me and many others to be involved as alumni, donors, and volunteers for Hamline. And, she is also a wonderful friend! Thank you, Karla!" — Lisa Shirk Carriere ’85

Women's Basketball Team

Recognized by: Carolyn Korchik ’06

"Hands down, my basketball teammates made my experience at Hamline the best experience it could be! The people on the team changed slightly from year to year, but with every change within the players or coaching roster, I met new and diverse people and gained new friends, many of whom I am still in regular contact with today. Every game and every practice shaped the person that I was becoming then and the person I am today. I want to thank all of my teammates for helping me grow in ways that you can't teach in a lecture or read in a book. I am forever grateful. Dream big, bigger and biggest!" — Carolyn Korchik ’06

Ellis J. Wyatt

Recognized by: Margaret Lynn Menezes-Ruocco ’90

Ellis Wyatt was a Professor of Biology.

Barbara Younoszai

Recognized by: Muriel R. Gubasta ’80

Barbara Younoszai left UC Berkeley for a Fulbright to Spain, returned, married, and settled in Minnesota. She finished her PhD and was hired as a professor and the modern language department chair at Hamline University in the fall of 1964. Barbara developed the Spanish major, adding Latin American Studies and Sociolinguistics. SPAN students accompanied Barbara to Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Puerto Rico. Barbara chaired the Modern Language Department, Hamline committees, and was granted Best Teacher Award.

Barbara misses working with students on independent studies and honors projects. They learned together. The Packard/Younoszai scholarship was established in her honor by alumni, Robert Packard. After teaching 49 years, Barbara was granted Hamline's Achievement Award. Hamline will always be an important part of her life.  

Sue Ellen Zagrabelny '71

Recognized by: Katy McFall

"I am really grateful to Sue Ellen for her dedication to Hamline for the way she is so generous with her time. She is a wonderful volunteer!" — Katy McFall