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You spoke. We listened. In 2014, we contracted with Performance Enhancement Group Ltd., to conduct the Alumni Attitude Study© at Hamline University. This national, multi-college research study analyzes former students’ perceptions, attitudes, experiences, and opinions of their alma mater. This was our first comprehensive attitudinal alumni survey, and we thank all alumni who participated in this study! Future programming and events will be created based on the opinions you shared in the survey.

General Findings

•    Alumni want to know that the value of their degree is greater to them today than the day they graduated and they want to understand what the university is doing to increase that value.

•    Alumni are focused on how their degree helped them in their lives and particularly how the degree is an enhancement to their career.

•    Alumni want to know that other alumni and their alumni association are playing an important role in improving the student experience.  Students seeing alumni making a difference in the student experience helps lay a foundation of lifelong support.

•    Events offer an interesting dilemma for Hamline University. We know that if alumni attend events, there is a greater likelihood that they will give. We also know that most alumni will never attend an event. Even though most will not attend an event, the survey illuminates that they still want to know that their association is having events and that important things are happening at that event. Therefore, communications about successful outcomes of events can be an important gauge of the success of an event, possibly more so than the number of attendees.

Action Items

•    Feedback to alumni the findings of the study and connect relevant changes in programming back to alumni attitudes.

•    Alumni in general and young alumni in particular, want to know that Hamline University is taking action to improve skills and training for career. Increase brand of alumni association in  and alumni on campus in this effort.

•    Increase understanding of the benefits of being an alum of Hamline University.

•    Target communications focusing on successful outcomes and key messages from events.

•    Build campus coalitions around alumni attitudes by sharing and discussing data.

•    Focus talking points, articles, etc. on
      o    How well degree prepares and prepared graduates for life
      o    Improved equity of degree by discussing scholarships; accomplishments of faculty, students, and alumni; and school rank
      o    Improvements over time in these areas: skills and training for career; opportunity to interact with alumni; exposure to new things; academics, classes, and research; lessons about life; relationships with faculty and students

We want to serve you, and your feedback is vital to shaping our programs, services, and communications. Send me an email at or call me at 651-523-2201 to share your opinions and suggestions.


Betsy Brenden Radtke ’89
Associate Vice President
Alumni Relations

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