Power of One

Each person has the power to elicit change and make an impact. The students and alumni listed below challenged themselves to make a difference, and have had a lasting impact on their communities, families, and at Hamline.

McKenna Nerone '17

Not many high-school students would choose sexual assault awareness as a topic for a community service project assignment. However, McKenna Nerone ’17 chose to tackle that very subject during her senior year at Wauwatosa High School.

Learn about how she rallied her community to leave a lasting impact in her home town of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, while garnering international attention for her project.

Kent Sulem '89

After visiting Hamline on a church choir trip, Kent knew he wanted to be a part of Hamline’s small, tight-knit community in the city. However, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to afford the tuition at a private university. 

Fortunately, he was awarded a presidential scholarship, which helped him greatly with financing his education. Learn more about Kent and his mission to repay the support he received as a student.

Jennifer Beetsch Ohm '88

Jen makes annual gifts to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund – a fund that’s solely dedicated to providing students with financial aid – to ensure all deserving students have access to the best Hamline has to offer.  

Learn about why Jen supports Hamline and how her support makes an impact on the lives of our students.


Miiko Taylor '15

As the oldest child in his immediate as well as his extended family, Miiko quickly became used to being the first in his family to do many things. Going to a four-year college seemed like another important first to take on.

Learn more about Miiko and Hamline's legacy of supporting first generation students.


Linda Umwali '18

What began as an opportunity to educate Hamline students about Rwanda ended with a much different mission: to provide a Rwandan student with the opportunity to attend Hamline.

Learn more about Linda Umwali's journey from Rwanda to Hamline and how she plans to use her Hamline education to better her home country.

Professor Karen Vogel

Although Professor Karen Vogel is involved in many capacities at Hamline, her students feel that she gives each of them the individual support they need to thrive at the university and beyond.

Learn more about Karen's role at Hamline and the difference she makes in the lives of her students.





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