Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for being willing to promote Power of One Day! We compiled these resources to assist in your outreach to your network. If you have any questions about volunteering or promoting Power of One Day, please contact Aron Kramer at 651-523-2773 or akramer07@hamline.edu. 

Power of One Day Selfie Sheet



Power of One Day -- Frequently Asked Questions

Power of One Day Phone Script (for alumni)

Power of One Day Email Script 

How to promote Power of One Day on Twitter

How to promote Power of One Day on Facebook



Download the following images to use on social media.  

Mobile Instructions:  Click on the image and press for three seconds until you see the image in a new window. Save the image to your phone and upload to your social media accounts.

Desktop Instructions: Drag and drop the image to your desktop. You can upload it to social media accounts from there.