Brian Johnson ’87


We sat down with Brian Johnson ’87 to learn more about what he does at Hamline and to learn why he's stuck around since 1983.

What’s your favorite memory of your time at Hamline?

The end of my first year completing the hardest class I ever took at Hamline (Algebra/Trigonometry with Professor Wojciech Komornicki) and going to the End of the Year Party immediately after that final!  Also seeing the changes in myself during my four years at Hamline, and the friends I made.

Describe a typical day.  What do you enjoy most about your work?  What is the most challenging?
When I arrive at work, I check in on what is needed for the day’s classes and events, then plan my time depending on what comes up.  I always look forward to what the day brings –- both the expected and the unexpected –- and how I can help people find what they need for their classes and events.  The greatest satisfaction is when I make a class or event a success; the most challenging part of my work is accommodating very last minute requests.

How has Hamline had an impact on your personal or professional life?
I have lived over half of my life on Hamline’s campus!  I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with people who have had a lasting impact on my life and those of other alumni.

What advice do you have for current Hamline students?

Enjoy your time at Hamline!  It goes by very fast.  I feel extremely lucky to have never left HU, and to enjoy college life since 1983.

What is your proudest accomplishment post Hamline?
Being excited to do what I do each day!

Who was your favorite Hamline professor, and why?

Roger Walker and Matt Olson. Roger Walker gave me a informal oral exam after I did poorly on a written exam, and I have developed a lifelong friendship with Matt Olson.

What's the story with Ibaba?
Ibaba is composed of Religion Professor Mark Berkson, myself and two Hamline alumnae -- Melanie Galloway ’10 and Angela DuTremaine ’10. We chose our band name, because we practice in the basement of the Bush Library. Ibaba, is the word for basement in Tagalog, an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines. I hope people will come out to The Big Bash in October and see us play.

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