Lindsay Conrad ’04


Lindsay Conrad, a former cross country and track athlete, graduated from Hamline University in 2004 with a major in sociology, and embarked on a career in advertising. As an athlete, she found that yoga was a great way to stay fit and injury free for long distance running. With a strong background in running and yoga practice, Lindsay changed directions deciding to pursue what has been her lifelong passion of fitness.

While still working full-time, Lindsay discovered a new passion – to live simply while enriching others through her boldness and became a Registered Yoga Instructor. She credits Hamline with instilling in her the value of lifelong learning, a critical element of her practice in helping others reach their fitness goals, and in running a small business. Her time as an athlete at HU gave her the organizational skills and goal oriented mindset to manage a successful transition to her new career. A strong mentor at Hamline, coach Paul Schmaedeke ’77 taught Lindsay how to balance her time while being a successful student-athlete and was her mentor for modeling the work necessary to build a career that she is passionate about.

Lindsay Conrad and the HU Baseball Team

In 2008, Lindsay joined the Piper Athletic Association Board of Directors. On the board, she supports the student-athlete experience and encourages other Hamline alumni to do the same. With her involvement with the Piper Athletic Association and her strong involvement in the Twin Cities yoga community, Lindsay introduced Yoga to the Hamline athletic department. “My main goal is to bring yoga into the athletic community. We want stronger athletes with less injuries; yoga and power conditioning is proven to help athletes do just this.” The Hamline athletic department has given Lindsay the opportunity to bring her expertise to student-athletes by proving individual yoga team instruction and training. Since bringing her emphasis of the benefits of yoga and power yoga strength training to teams at Hamline, they have benefited from the success of her individualized training programs and have maintained decreased injuries during the season. She currently works with football, track and field, soccer, baseball, and men’s hockey.

Lindsay continues to be herself and live boldly everyday through her own energy, the energy of the yoga studio where she teaches and practices, and the energy of each of her student-athletes at Hamline. Her advice to others considering pursing a new path:
  • It is okay to change who you want to be and to not be afraid of doing so. Be BOLD.
  • What you think are only small changes in the beginning are the biggest rewards in the end
  • Be the change that you want to see in the world.
  • Influence to spark change in yourself and others around you. Your idea will spark changes in yourself and others.
  • Always be confident about the changes you want to make. Your life is full of daily decisions. Make them count.
  • Most importantly, enjoy what you are doing and have fun with it!
In 2014, through her own advice above and embarking on the foundation of her education at Hamline, Lindsay has continued to educate and inspire her students, clients, family members, and friends to pursue their fitness endeavors.

Lindsay Conrad instructing the HU Football Team