David Kaplan graduated from Hamline in 1982 with a degree in English. He was part of Alpha Tao Omega fraternity, on the football team for one year, and an avid sports fan all years. David worked as an assistant coach for Northern Illinois University's basketball team after finishing at Hamline, and has since made a career of sports journalism in radio, television, film, newspaper, podcasts, books, and more. He currently hosts SportsTalk Live, a daily sports roundtable discussion show, and co-hosts Kap and Haugh, a daily sports radio talk show. David lives in the Chicago area with his wife Mindy and has four sons.
The sweetest prosperity is through perseverance, and MayKao Hang DPA ’14 knows perseverance well. From tutoring immigrant children to her position as president of Wilder, Hang has put in abundant work—and has made an abundant impact in return.
Eric Roberts ’91 and Eric Trelstad ’90 are part of The Sound of Simon, a Simon and Garfunkel tribute band that is performing at The Big Bash on October 14. They turned their Hamline friendship into a lifelong musical collaboration. They also both met their wives at Hamline and made many friendships that continue through the years. Learn more about them and what you can expect from The Sound of Simon at The Big Bash.
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